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Error: You MUST rename the file 'conf_global.dist.php' TO 'conf_global.php' before continuing. This file can be found in the 'root' directory on your IP.Board install.

Invision Power Board 3.4

Welcome to the installer. This wizard will guide you through the installation process.
If you need help using this installer, please see our installation guide.

System Requirements
PHP: v5.2.1 or better
SQL: MySQL v4.1.0 (5.0.0 or better preferred)

Memory Limit: 128M or better recommended
Your memory limit: 128M

Pre-Install Check: Files
Required Files: Failed

Pre-Install Check: PHP Extensions
PHP Extensions Overview: Passed
DOM XML Handling (libxml2): Passed
GD Library (gd): Passed
Reflection Class (Reflection): Passed
SPL (SPL): Passed
OpenSSL (openssl): Passed
JSON (json): Passed
Ctype (ctype): Passed